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Benefits of Our Spas

Aesthetic Brilliance

Our spa shapes are a testament to elegant design, enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Therapeutic Comfort

Sink into the warm embrace of our spa's soothing jets, designed to melt away stress and tension.

Customization Galore

With a variety of spa shapes available, you can select the one that complements your backyard and meets your relaxation needs.

Explore Our Spa Shapes

Whether you desire the classic appeal of a square spa, the rounded charm of a circular design, or the contemporary lines of a rectangular spa, Monarch Pool Manufacturing has the perfect spa shape to match your style and desires. Immerse yourself in our range of spa shapes, each crafted for your ultimate relaxation.


Dimensions: Length: 11′-6″Width: 11′-6″Depth: 44″


Dimensions: Length: 9′-0″”Width: 9′-0″Depth: 44″


Dimensions: Length: 8′-0″”Width: 8′-0″Depth: 39″


Dimensions Length: 8′-0″”Width: 8′-0″Depth: 39″


Dimensions: Length: 7′-6″Width: 7′-6″Depth: 36″


Dimensions: Length: 7′-6″Width: 7′-6″Depth: 36″

All sizes stated are approximate outside dimensions and may vary up to 3%. Fiberglass pools are sold non-dimensionally by model and design only.

Frequently Asked Questions

 At Monarch, our 35+ years of experience, relentless commitment to quality, and innovative designs set us apart. We use top-tier materials and a team of experts to ensure each pool and spa exceeds expectations.

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